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This is the “CoDeS Case Vienna” blog, titled:

Solar Plus – School-Community Cooperation for a Citizen Solar Plantromg

This blog describes the case of a school community collaboration for ESD developed in Vienna, Austria. This is one of the cases collected within the frame of Comenius Network CoDeS.


The focus of the collaboration was to promote the usage of solar energy in the district with a citizen photovoltaic plant. A citizen photovoltaic plant means that citizen hold shares and receive some return on their investment. In this case the citizens acted as donators, without getting money back. Hand in hand went to learn project management tools and to use them in practice realising a self choosen project. In addition to the learning of methods the increase of knowledge about photovolatic plants was the second focus. On the one side the pupils got more knowledge and on the other side also the citizens of the district, because of the information measures organized by the pupils. In order to set up a good cooperation with different actors from outside the school, the project was carried out together with the Local Agenda 21 office, located in the school´s district.

The idea of a citizen solar plant was developed by a woman, who is an expert in solar energy and lives in the 23rd district. In the frame of the Local Agenda 21 in Vienna she founded a solar regulars table, to discuss and promote the use of solar energy in the district. On the other hand a pupil of the school Anton Krieger Gasse had the idea to enlarge the existing small photovoltaic plant and he wanted to realise it in the project management subject. The idea of the pupil was supported by his teacher and with the help of the solar regulars table a small group of adults and pupils was formed to develop this idea with the help of the Local Agenda 21.


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